The Slice Life

We're continuously looking for the best talent, and are always hiring individuals who share our Core Values :


Driven to Deliver

In all that we do, we pride ourselves on delivering amazing service and delightful experiences to pizzeria owners, passionate pizza eaters, and our fellow Slicers.  Our determination, persistence, and commitment to excellence drive us to set high standards and work continuously to make people happy.


Trust in the Team

Trust is what holds Slice together.  We respect our colleagues' expertise, welcome candid feedback, and build honest relationships.  Across departments and oceans, we support each other as a family, and act with kindness, warmth, and empathy.

Ready for Anything

Slice has grown from one person helping friends and family into a company subject to the ups, downs, and in-betweens of any business.  We always remember where we started, embrace change, accept our mistakes, keep a positive attitude and make sure to enjoy the ride.


Appetite for Learning

To grow our product, our team, and our business, we look beyond what we already know.  We ask questions, we listen closely, we're not scared to try something different, because we believe that we should never stop learning.

Always Authentic

Like the best slice joints, we keep it real and celebrate authentic ingredients, craftsmanship, and people. Slice champions individuality and encourages everyone to stay true to themselves and be proud of their story.  So no matter what crazy toppings you like, we love you just the way you are. 


What to expect

  • Full insurance and benefits
  • Competitive salary
  • Work and collaborate with industry experts in NYC
  • FREE in house lectures/courses to improve your English.
  • Pizza Parties
  • Movie night
  • Team outings/excursions
    • Beach party in Gradishte
    • Picnic in Korab
    • Skiing in Mavrovo
  • 40 hr. work week